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Michael Colangelo May 16, 4: They are part of the history. Special teams creates jobs for players who otherwise may not be able to stay in the league.

No one really wants to see kickoffs disappear. On the other side, the play is dangerous, leads to injuries and it makes sense why the NFL is focusing on making sure kickoffs are safer. So the NFL is going to look at new kickoff rules and vote on it next week.

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It looks like a good compromise. It keeps kickoffs Again, kickoffs are part of the game of football. It keeps special teams stars employed.

It continues special teams strategy and tactics. It would be boring to see every drive start at the yard line. Making the rule safer keeps the play in place.

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It will be much more difficult to reach max speed. The goal is to lessen the violence and power of the impacts.

As ca1 kickoff to success ca

Everyone just lines up and runs from a dead stop. The new rules prohibit wedge blocking. It will force teams to fill their kickoff units with smaller players who can redirect opponents.

This will force teams to consider what type of players they keep on the man roster. Teams may have to sacrifice carrying an extra big body for a skill position player who fits in a new kickoff strategy.

It could save fans from having a heart attack The worst thing in the world is watching one of your kickoff returners let the ball bounce and do nothing. Then they pick it up and end up with horrible field position.

Want to return the kickoff? Well, you better catch the ball in the air. The play will be blown dead if the ball touches the ground in the end-zone.Our Summer Kickoff Party Was A Great Success June 12, By Roopali Kapoor The weather cooperated on Sunday afternoon for the first ever Summer Kickoff .

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