Drugs behavior exam study guide

To be effective Fosamax requires supplementation with calcium and vitamin D. Once prescribed, Fosamax should be continued indefinitely. This instruction is not of highest priority.

Drugs behavior exam study guide

Describe 1 factor associated with the etiology of dissociative disorders. What are the 2 major mood disorders? List 3 characteristics of major depression. List 2 characteristics of bipolar disorder.

What types of attributions are usually made for the causes of negative events in the lives of people suffering from depression? Describe 2 possible factors associated with the etiology of mood disorders. List the 4 general symptoms associated with schizophrenia. What is the difference between flat affect and inappropriate affect?

What are the 4 subtypes of schizophrenia and the major feature of each type. Describe 2 possible factors associated with the etiology of schizophrenic disorders.

What are three major types of treatment for psychological disorders?

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What are 2 differences between psychologists and psychiatrists? Who developed the technique of psychoanalysis? What is the emphasis of psychoanalysis?

Drugs behavior exam study guide

What type of disorders were usually treated by psychoanalysis? List and describe 5 features of the psychoanalytic process? What is the emphasis of client-centered therapy? What are 3 major features of client-centered therapy? What is the major focus of cognitive therapy? Give an example of 2 negative thoughts associated with depression that cognitive therapists might try to change.

List 3 advantages of group therapy. What is the assumption made by behavior therapists? What is the major focus of behavior therapy? What type of disorder is most commonly treated by systematic desensitization? What are the 3 steps in systematic desensitization?

Drugs behavior exam study guide

Give an example of aversion therapy? Explain the procedure used for biofeedback. What is the assumption behind the use of biomedical therapies? What are the 4 major types of drugs used to treat psychological disorders and what is each used for?

Name the disorder that would be treated with the following drugs: Prosak, Valium, Haldol 4. Give one criticism of drug therapy. Which disorder is ECT electroconvulsive therapy primarily used for?I teach psychology and have struggled for a while to develop and learn more information about the biological perspective of psychology.

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Page 1 Medication Safety Study Guide for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. pharmacy personnel should be vigilant regarding fraudulent prescriptions and changes in patient behavior to help identify cases of misuse and abuse.

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Study guide for Microbiology Chapter 2 Name_____ 1. List and describe the sequence steps routinely used to identify bacteria. These are referred to as the “five I’s” in your text.

Here is a study guide composed by 3 students to help us pass the HESI exit and NCLEX exams.

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