Lady winderes fan summary

GoodReads community and editorial reviews can be helpful for getting a wide range of opinions on various aspects of the book. Our Summary of Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde's four-act play 'Lady Windermere's Fan' is a story about the central character's belief that her husband may be having an affair with a woman he is helping.

Lady winderes fan summary

It is tea time and Lady Windermere—who is preparing for her coming of age birthday ball that evening—has a visit from a friend, Lord Darlington. She shows off her new fan: She explains to Lord Darlington that she is upset over the compliments he continues to pay to her, revealing that she is a Puritan and has very particular views about what is acceptable in society.

The Duchess of Berwick calls and Lord Darlington leaves shortly thereafter. The Duchess informs Lady Windermere that her husband may be betraying her marriage by making repeated visits to another woman, a Mrs Erlynne, and possibly giving her large sums of money.

These rumours have been gossip among London society for quite a while, though seemingly this is the first Lady Windermere Lady winderes fan summary heard about it. She finds the book in a desk and sees that nothing appears amiss, though on returning she discovers a second bank book: After prying the lock open, she finds it lists large sums of money given to Mrs Erlynne.

At this point, Lord Windermere enters and she confronts him. Though he cannot deny that he has had dealings with Mrs Erlynne, he states that he is not betraying Lady Windermere.

He requests that she send Mrs Erlynne an invitation to her birthday ball that evening to help her back into society. When Lady Windermere refuses, he writes out an invitation himself. Lady Windermere makes clear her intention to cause a scene if Mrs Erlynne appears, to which Lord Windermere responds that it would be in her best interest not to do so.

What shall I do? I dare not tell her who this woman really is. The shame would kill her. Various guests enter, and make small-talk. Lord Windermere enters and asks Lady Windermere to speak with him, but she brushes him off.

Lord Windermere reveals that there is nothing untoward in his relationship with Mrs Erlynne, and that she will be attending the ball, which comes as a great relief to Lord Augustus as he was worried about her social standing.

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After an unsuccessful attempt to make peace with his wife, Lord Windermere summons the courage to tell the truth to her, but at that moment Mrs Erlynne arrives at the party, where she is greeted coldly by Lady Windermere, spoiling his plan. Lady Windermere is enraged and confused and asks Lord Darlington to be her friend.

Lord Darlington sets her an ultimatum to try to convince her to take action immediately, while still in a state of shock. Lady Windermere is shocked by the revelation, and finds she does not have the courage to take the offer.

Heartbroken, Lord Darlington announces that he will be leaving the country the next day and that they will never meet again, and leaves. The guests begin to leave, and say their goodnights to Lady Windermere—some remarking positively about Mrs Erlynne.

On the other side of the room Mrs Erlynne is discussing her plans with Lord Windermere; she intends to marry Lord Augustus and will require some money from Lord Windermere. Later, Lady Windermere, in spite of her earlier reluctance, decides to leave the house at once for Lord Darlington, and leaves a note to that effect for Lord Windermere.

Mrs Erlynne discovers the note and that Lady Windermere has gone, and is curiously worried by this. She takes the letter and exits to locate Lady Windermere. How can I save her?

How can I save my child? A moment may ruin a life. Who knows that better than I? Eventually, she resolves to return to her husband, but then Mrs Erlynne appears.

Lady winderes fan summary

The two women hide. He demands to know if Lord Darlington has her hidden somewhere.

Lady Windermere's Fan Summary -

Lord Darlington refuses to co-operate, believing that Lady Windermere has come to him. I am so sorry. He is sympathetic towards her and suggests that as the London season is almost over that they head to their country estate to forget the recent incident.

Lady Windermere apologises for her previous suspicion of her husband and behaviour at the party, and Lord Windermere makes clear his new contempt for Mrs Erlynne—warning his wife to stay away from her. Mrs Erlynne enters and states that she shall be going abroad, but asks that Lady Windermere give her a photograph of herself and her son.Lady Windermere's Fan is based on Oscar Wilde's Classic Play.

Lady winderes fan summary

Set in London of the 's Lady Windermere discovers that her husband may be having an affair with another woman. When he invites the other woman, Mrs. Erlynne, to his wife's birthday ball. Lady Windermere's Fan, A Play About a Good Woman is a four-act comedy by Oscar Wilde, first performed on Saturday, 20 February , at the St James's Theatre in London..

The story concerns Lady Windermere, who suspects that her husband is having an affair with another woman. Our Summary of Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde's four-act play 'Lady Windermere's Fan' is a story about the central character's belief that her husband may be having an affair with a woman he is helping.

Lady Windermere's Fan is a social comedy, or a comedy that looks at the social norms, expectations and mannerisms of a time period.

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It is also a satire, or a piece that uses humor to criticize a. Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde - Act 3 summary and analysis. Lady Windermere’s Fan Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

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