My snowman melted writing activity for second

Patterns Print the patterns. In order for the pattern to fit on one piece of paper it may not be as big as you would like. In that case, simply cut the puddle pattern out and place it on top of the holographic transfer sheet. Use a pen to trace around the pattern, tracing larger than the actual pattern, big enough to fit on your shirt.

My snowman melted writing activity for second

Observation has a lot of power. Scientists rely on it everyday. We made some observations about snow-dough using our senses. What kinds of things did you observe? The children share some of their observations see student video clip.

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I make sure they include each of the senses that we used. If not, I prompt them to do so. This helps them make sense of their world, just like a scientist.

my snowman melted writing activity for second

In addition, I am also laying the groundwork for having the children plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different materials by their properties.

After discussing, I reply, "You sound just like scientists since scientists make observations to help them understand unknown materials! I ask if any of them had ever seen this before.

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One child comments how her brother made a volcano for the science fair. She explains the experiment in detail. Her excitement builds as she is talking and the others are getting excited just listening to her. This is all part of activating prior knowledge.

This helps the children make a connection to what we are learning to their past experiences.

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Others in the classroom learn from it as well. The combination creates carbon dioxide gas. When the gas escapes, it makes bubbles. The reaction always occurs when the two materials are put together. I try to keep the explanation at a second grade level, but want to also include important details.

I also want them to know that this reaction can be predicted since scientists have already made those observations. Our class is lucky to have someone with that experience so the children could relate to it.

If you are not as lucky, you might want to prompt the children by asking if they had ever seen a volcano experiment where "lava" bubbles over the top.

Chances are that they have. If not you could watch a quick video that shows this reaction. From the "snow-dough", we are going to make 3 snowmen for this science experiment.

In doing this, we are in a primary way, developing and using models. Since we are doing this experiment as an entire class, I try to involve the most students that I possibly can. So I ask 9 volunteers to make the 1 ball each for the snowmen, just like they do with real snow. I call on other volunteers put together these snowmen in 3 separate pans.

So the children make 3 snowmen out of three balls and place them each in their own pan. The "snow-dough" is kind of gritty, so I have the children wash their hands after they are done.

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They have a great deal of fun decorating the snowmen with eyes, stick arms and smile. The children make observations about the snowmen.

We briefly share their observations. Then I have the children think about what we observed yesterday when we put water and then vinegar on the"snow-dough. It also helps them develop skills needed for analyzing and interpreting data.

First we read the entire sheet together.

my snowman melted writing activity for second

When we get to a blank we say "blank" and continue reading. I find that continuing the flow increases their comprehension. Then we go back to complete the worksheet. So write "dissolved" in the first blank. I have the children recall what happened when we added vinegar.

They excitedly blurt out, "It fizzed!Use this paper mache snowman to show your child the wonders of this three-dimensional art form. Instead of freezing-cold snow, this activity uses fun (and messy!) art materials to build a cool sculptural creation that explores art in a three-dimensional form.

The snowman melted. 3rd Grade. Reading & Writing. Sneezy the Snowman: Activity Book. Sneezy the Snowman: Activity Book Melted Snowman Alphabet Match. Make a writing page sheet with the words My snowman .

Then draw the picture the way you see it here. Have kids brainstorm what their snowman did at night. Then they can copy the words on a post-it to finish the sentence. My Snowman Here is my snowman Big and round, Sitting on the Cold, cold ground.

Here is my snowman Winter Poems Falling on ice Isn't nice. Come in from the rink And get a hot drink. It melted overnight. Snow What . FREE!! This freebie contains 10 pages of activities and printables from my Winter Bundle! In this download you will find activities from each of the following sets: •Winter Math.

One of my favorites is doing a creative writing assignment titled, "Oh No! My Snowman Melted!" Students use a graphic organizer to jot down ideas of how they built their snowman, what they used, where they built it, and how it melted.

My students loved going on word hunts and did a fabulous job with this activity! To culminate our poem for the month, we made this cute little craftivity.

After inferring what it meant for our snowman to be flat, we talked about ways to keep our snowman from melting.

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