Role of newspaper in society in hindi language

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Role of newspaper in society in hindi language

It would be apt if we call the press a mirror of society. It acts as a watch-dog of democracy where ideas and majority opinions prevail.

It is the duty of the press to watch the activities of the Government, highlight its failure when it deviates from the path of democratic pattern and thereby force it to make up for its lapses.

In Indian democracy, most of the people are impoverished, illiterate and inarticulate; hence the newspapers have a special responsibility to take over the role of spokesman for people of all classes, to act as a bridge between the government and the governed, to prevent social exploitation that can threaten the existence of democracy.

The first newspaper was published in India in the midth century by James A.

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It was called Bengal Gazette. The oldest daily newspaper, the Bombay Samachar is being published in Gujarat since Today the Indian Press has 41 centenarians.

The Registrar of Newspapers for India, commonly known as the Press Registrar, is required, inter alia to submit an Annual Report to the Government by 31 December every year on the status of newspaper.

Role of newspaper in society in hindi language

The period for which the annual statements were to be furnished, was changed from the calendar to financial year in Earlier the Annual Report was compiled on financial year basis. The figures have been updated only for the registered newspapers for the year According to the report submitted by the Press Registrar for the yearNewspapers were registered in languages and dialects.

Apart from English and 22 other principal languages listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, newspapers were registered in other languages and dialects mostly Indian but also in a few foreign languages too.

Orissa had the distinction of publishing newspapers in 18 out of 23 principle languages Maharashtra came next with publication in 17 languages followed by Delhi with publications in 16 principle languages.

Of the 69, newspapers registered as on 31 Marchonly 9, submitted Annual Statements during The total circulation of these 9, newspapers was 20, 71,08, copies per publicity day.

The largest number of newspapers and periodicals registered in any Indian language is in Hindi 25, The second largest number of newspapers and periodicals registered in any language is in English 10, The state with the largest number of registered newspaper is Uttar Pradesh 10, The state with the second largest number of registered newspapers is Delhi 8, The Indian Readership Survey findings show that the largest read local language newspapers to be Dainik Jagran with The Times of India is the most widely read English language newspaper Nepal Table of Contents Ethnic Groups.

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Nepalese society was ethnically diverse and complex in the early s, ranging in phenotype (physical characteristics) and culture from the Indian to the Tibetan. Essay On The Role of Newspapers. Article shared by In a democracy, there should be an efficient and fearless press.

Press is he mirror of the society. The first newspaper published in India was the Bengal Gazette. The newspapers are published in English, Hindi and other regional languages. ADVERTISEMENTS: Newspaper could make a .


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A newspaper is any printed periodical or work containing public news or comments on public news. Each newspaper tries to win the heart and loyalty of its readers through news and views, articles, pictures, poems, cartoons, editorials, presentation techniques and exclusive stories and news items. Essay on the Role of Newspapers in India.

IMPORTANCE OF MEDIA IN SOCIAL AWARENESS The media has got a vital role in molding a good society to develop our lifestyle and move it on the right path, because it always try to side with the truth and relevant factor.

Role of newspaper in society in hindi language

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