The way of chery to achieve

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The way of chery to achieve

Chery was established on January 8, Chery products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world. Till today, more than six million units have been sold, becoming the first China passenger automobile brand exceeding six million units in sales, of which 1.

At present, Chery has Since its inception, Chery has kept making innovations on its own and working hard to become a technical enterprise.

By making independent innovations, Chery has made breakthroughs in core technologies, including DVVT, TGDI, CVT, new energy and intelligent technologies, thus stimulating the upgrading of all-series products of the brand.

By the end ofChery had applied for 14, patents, 9, of which had been approved. By actively implementing the strategy of going out, Chery becomes the first automobile manufacturer in China that exports vehicles, CKD parts, engines and vehicle manufacturing technologies and equipment.

By fulfilling the product strategy, localization strategy and HR strategy, Chery keeps promoting in-depth cooperation in the overseas market and working hard to build itself into an international brand with global influence. Adhering to the green development philosophy, Chery will give priority to independent innovations, green development and low-carbon development.

In the whole-industrial-chain life cycle, the brand will strictly follow requirements in the environment laws and regulations and international conventions to build the green culture featuring green purchase, design, production and consumption.

The way of chery to achieve

In all its work, Chery will fulfill responsibility to protect the environment and enhance evaluation of environmental performance. In this way, it will emphasize on prevention of pollutions, focus on energy saving and consumption reduction, push forward clean production, improve rate of using resources, work hard to study cycle use and recycle of resources, and take the path of cycle economy.

InChery stepped into the Strategy 2. The brand-new Chery 2. By focusing on consumers, making integration and innovations, Chery will work hard towards the goal of becoming a world-class automobile manufacturer with international competitiveness by "The Way Of Love" was first written in French as "J'ai le mal de toi." The singer Frederica performed the song in in an effort to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Invests 10M-peso into business improvement

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The way of chery to achieve

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o The QQ model of Chery Auto had defective points per cars which was 85 points lower than the average score of the other cars in the segment.

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