Utilization of marigold extract as household

One animal study that investigated the effects of marigold treatment on bleeding wounds found that using the product for an eight-day window resulted in almost 90 percent closure of the tissue wounds, compared to only 51 percent of those who had not used the treatment. Marigold is able to decrease cramping by improving blood flow to the painful area and lowering inflammatory responses.

Utilization of marigold extract as household

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Carotenoids, which are considered to be chemopreventive agents due to antioxidant activity have been shown to decrease egg cholesterol and increased egg yolk color 23.

The cholesterol content of eggs is often viewed unfavorably especially for patients with hypercholesterolemia, even though an egg provides a complete source of animal protein nutrition at an economical price.

Beta-carotene can be produced through fermentation with Neurospora crasa 2456 or extracted from yellow orange flower or tubers 3.

However utilization of agro-industrial wastes sago waste, cassava waste, palm kernel cake, etc. Neurospora crassa is not cellulolytic fungus and therefore, it does not produce high levels of cellulose enzymes. Moreover, the chitin from the mycelium of Neurospora crassa also contributes to the high crude fiber levels.

Another approach for increasing the carotenoid levels in feed is through the extraction from yellow-orange flowers and tubers. Marigold Tagetes erecta is an ornamental plant with yellow and orange flowers that contains The aim of this study was to assess the effect of MFE as a feed additive on quail production performance and egg quality.

This study used week old Coturnix coturnix japonica quail. Marigold flower extract preparation: Marigold Flower Extract MFE was prepared by drying and grinding marigold flower until it became a powder. The experiment was performed in a completely randomized design using increasing concentrations of MFE 0, 5, 10 and 15 ppm as a feed additive.

Each treatment was repeated five times. The nutrients and ME of the formulated feed are shown in Table 1.

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Nutrient and metabolic energy from the diet formulation ME: Increasing the level of MFE in the diet increased feed consumption in a range of Increasing MFE levels in the basal diet increased the hen-day production by The egg weight ranged from 9.

The egg mass production in this study ranged from 7. The feed conversion ratio in this study ranged from 2. The effects of MFE as feed additive on the egg quality of Coturnix coturnix japonica quails were illustrated in Table 3.Lungwort Benefits, Reviews, Side Effects And Dosage Marigold Dosage About ml of water is added with two grams of marigold powder according to the study conducted by Bisset in the year to treat inflammation in the throat and sore throat.

Gargling with calendula extract in water (tea) is known to ease sore throat pain. Side effects of Marigold Extract: Marigold is a relatively safe herb and as always, you should consult a professional prior to using new remedies. This should be avoided by those who have ragweed allergies.

The pot marigold is a notch above many other flowering plants when it comes to its health benefits. Use it as a topical treatment for acne, skin inflammation, dermatitis, or even hemorrhoids. Drink tea made from this variety of marigold to soothe an inflamed stomach lining and treat ulcers.

Thus, this study aimed to develop an alternative household insecticide utilizing the Extract from Marigold Plant (Tagetes erecta L.) and recycled cigarette butts as highly economic, environmentally safe and user friendly insecticide preparation with no cost.

Utilization of marigold extract as household

Malunggay Extract as an Ingredient in Making Toothpaste Essay. Words Aug 5th, 10 Pages.

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Show More. MALUNGGAY EXTRACT AS AN INGREDIENT FOR TOOTHPASTE An Investigatory Project Presented to The Chemistry Department Utilization of Marigold Extract as Household Insecticide Essay.

UTILIZATION OF MARIGOLD EXTRACT (Tagestes erecta L.) AND CIGARETTE BUTTS AS HOUSEHOLD INSECTICIDE INTRODUCTION Most insecticides effective for household use are inorganic which tend to be harmful to the user and to the environment. Recent statistics show that 75% of households use some form of insecticide, with much of this being used indoors.

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