Why you wish to attend the

By Bob Thune September 21, The title of this post is bound to raise some ire.

Why you wish to attend the

Or, why I wish there had been a Dr. Awesome John Langdon Down not Dr.

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Yesterday concerned what Down syndrome is. Turns out I was wrong. Rather, like many medical conditions, it is named after a physician who described the condition. He described these patients as: The Mongolian type of idiocy occurs in more than ten per cent of the cases which are presented to me.

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They are always congenital idiots and never result from accidents after uterine life. They are, for the most part instances of degeneracy arising from tuberculosis in the parents. They have considerable power of imitation, even bordering on being mimics.

They are humorous and a lively sense of the ridiculous often colours their mimicry.

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This faculty of imitation can be cultivated to a very great extent and a practical direction given to the results obtained. They are usually able to speak; the speech is thick and indistinct, but may be improved very greatly by a well directed scheme of tongue gymnastics.

The co-ordinating faculty is abnormal, but not so defective that it cannot be strengthened. By systemic training, considerable manipulative power may be obtained. Because their physical appearance reminded Dr. We urge, therefore, that the expressions which imply a racial aspect of the condition be no longer used.

Imagine what effect it would have on those living with Down syndrome and on parents first receiving the diagnosis if Dr.

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We suspect that your child has Awesome syndrome. You see, he has Awesome syndrome. I wanted to talk to you about a new employee that we are hiring. Her name is Jennifer and she has Awesome syndrome. Down and that has become the medical term to describe a condition caused by an extra 21st Chromosome.

Jerome Lejeune discovered the genetic cause for Down syndrome inpublishing his paper on his discovery in That was known at the time the World Health Organization chose instead to pay homage to Dr.

Because I also think had the condition been called Lejeune syndrome or Trisomy 21 both suggested in the Lancet there would be a much different experience for those receiving a diagnosis of Lejeune syndrome or Trisomy 21, instead of Down syndrome.

This post is discussed at episode two of the Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing Podcast, available at this link.2 Responses to “12 Reasons You Should Attend Conferences”. debevans September 12th, I love the Web but agree IRL experiences are extremely valuable personally and professionally.

I wish I could attend them all! Sadly I can’t attend AOC but will watch for tweets or Periscopes that will be shared.

Why you wish to attend the

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